Aberystwyth Digs Football League


Aberystwyth Digs League Archive

2013/2014 Winners
Premier League - CPD Premiership Pornstars
Aberystywth Town Cup - Sex Panthers
La Liga - FC Hammer
Consolation Shield - Goal Diggers
Bundesliga - Obi Wan Kenobi Nil
Champions Cup - We Hate Ben FC
Top Goal Scorer
Tom Cottrell (Prestige Worldwide)
Goal of the Season - David Glover (for FC Hammer v Abertina)
Player of the Season - Ilan Hughes (CPD Premiership Pornstars)
Team of the Season - We Hate Ben FC

2012/2013 Winners
Premier League - Prestige FC
Aberystywth Town Cup - Sex Panthers
La Liga - FC Leave-My-Arcelona
Consolation Shield - FC Leave-My-Arcelona
Bundesliga - Y Geltaidd
Champions Cup - FC Leave-My-Arcelona
Play-Off Shield - We Hate Ben FC
Play-Off Plate - Academic Athletic
Consolation Play-Off - Athletico Bil-Banter
Wooden Spoon - Nottinher Forest
Top Goal Scorer
Nathan Lang (We Hate Ben FC)
Goal of the Season - Josh Watts (for Prestige FC vs Obi Wan Kenobi Nil)
Player of the Season - Paul Carrington (Sex Panthers)
Team of the Season - FC Leave-My-Arcelona

2011/2012 Winners
Premier League - Premiership Pornstars
Aberystywth Town Cup - Premiership Pornstars
Serie A - Bayer Diamonds
Consolation Shield - FC Leave-my-Arcelona
Bundesliga - Y Geltaidd
La Liga - Average Anne
Champions Cup - Premiership Pornstars
Shield - Sexual Harrasment Pandas
Plate - Commodore FC
Consolation Cup - LSD Eindhoven
Wooden Spoon - Athletico Exile
Top Goal Scorers
Premier League - Garmon Hafal (Premiership Pornstars)
La Liga - Tom Owen (FCLMA)
Bundesliga - Gruff John (Geltaidd)
Serie A - Tom Court (Bayer Diamonds)
Goal of the Season - Tom Owen (for FCLMA vs Glengower)
Player of the Season - Celt Iwan (Geltaidd)
Team of the Season - Premiership Pornstars

2010/2011 Winners
Premier League - Sex Panthers
Champions Cup - Average Anne
Champions League - Premiership Pornstars
Shield - On The Pier FC
Super League - Sexual Harassment Pandas
Plate - FC Inter Yournan
Consolation Shield - Bayer Diamonds
Wooden Spoon - Naked Wednesday Afallon Unathletic Club
Top Goal Scorers
Premier League - Luke Blakebrough - FC Hammer (10)
Champions League - Garmon Hafal - Premiership Pornstars (17)
Super League - Stephen Howsam - Obi Wan Kenobi Nil (8)
Goal of the Season - Jamie Mills (for FC Phoenix vs AFC Gwatch)
Player of the Season & Golden Boot
Garmon Hafal (Premiership Pornstars)

2009/2010 Winners
The Don League - Sexual Harrasment Pandas
Championship - Sex Panthers
Kanes League - Sex Panthers
Shield - On The Pier FC
Aberystwyth Town Cup - Sex Panthers
Plate - FC Beaver
Consolation Cup - ATFC Lions
Spoon - AC Matalan
Top Goal Scorers
The Kanes League - Zebulon Dale - Sex Panthers (15)
The Don League - Tim Gomm - Shake 'N' Bake (14)
Aberystwyth Town Cup - Nathan Prodger - Shake 'N' Bake (11)
Golden Boot - Nathan Prodger (27)
Player of the Season
Zebulon Dale (Sex Panthers) & Llion Parry (Geltaidd)

2008/2009 Winners
The Don League - FC Pheonix Championship - Sons of Pitches
Kanes League - Geltaidd FC Shield - Premiership Pornstars
Aberystwyth Town Cup - Geltaidd FC Plate - Bayer Diamonds
Consolation Cup - We Hate Ben FC Spoon - Gigolo Warriors
Top Goal Scorers
The Kanes League - Andrew Beeson - Sex Panthers (16)
The Don League - Matt Strangwood - Sons of Pitches (21)
Aberystwyth Town Cup - Danny Jones - Sons of Pitches (10)

2007/2008 Winners
League 1 Winners - Sexual Harassment Pandas Championship - Geltaidd FC
League 2 Winners - Geltaidd FC
Shield - El Diablos
  Plate - Premiership Pornstars

Spoon - Gigolo Warriors